Rent ILSINTECH Swift S5 Core Alignment Fusion Splicer

Swift S5 High Precision Core Alignment All-In-One fusion splicer.

The Swift S5 High Precision Core Alignment All-In-One fusion splicer.  Built in thermal stripper, cleaner, cleaver, dual oven heater and splicer.  For high precision, high production and the highest quality fusion splicing process available today.  The S5 comes with menu control or touchscreen control, over 250 strip, splice and heat cycles on a battery charge.  The S5 can splice any single fiber, Single-mode or multi-mode as well as any of our Splice-On-Connectors.

Rent Swift S5


  • Integrated to all-in-one
  • Ruggedizing designed against shock, dust, rain
  • Long battery life more than 320times full-cycling
  • Dual sleeve heater
  • No crack on bare fiber by heating stripping
  • Navigational touch screen with 4.3 color monitor
  • Attached sleeve loader
  • Compatible for SOC connector


Over 5kg/f Tensile strength of fiber after stripping
– No crack with heating stripping
– Over one-million cycle motorized
– Strip time : 1.5sec

– One-touch pump type
– Easy to refill cleaning alcohol
– Single-action cleaving
– Easy to refill cleaving alcohol
– Fiber chip collector is attached

Resistance to the Environment with Dust, Shock and Rain
– Most reliable and most stable fusion splicer against hard environmental conditions such dust, shock, rain
– Shock – Free Fall : 76cm from 5 sides
– Waterproof : IPx2
– Dustproof : IPx5

Automatic Arranging ARC
– Detecting the temperature, the humidity, the pressure for itselves automatically to calibrate the ARC discharge properly.

4.3 inch color monitor with touch panel.
– Magnification : 300X, 170X
– User-friendly and ergonomically designed by navigational touch screen.

Bi-directional operational system
– The monitor can be viewed bi-directionally for user’s preference.

Equipped with Sleeve Loader to Prevent Contamination and Provide Convenience
– Prevents contaminating the water from flowing the complementary sleeve downward in manhole working and also prevent falling the sleeve when working in air pole.

Built-int Dual Sleeve Heaters
– Users can work continually without interruption to increase the efficiency up to 20%

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