Rent FiTel S121A HandHeld Fusion Splicer

The S121A hand held mini fusion splicer is ideal for connection installations where simplicity and low cost are a requirement. Typical applications include LANs and FTTH services.

The S121A fusion splicer has been reduced in both size and weight to 1/3 of previous model. The unit itself weighs 980g, and a total of 1,150g even with the removable battery included.

The adoption of an T-shaped body enables splicing with a minimum excess fiber length, and allows the user to hold the unit in one hand in insufficient working spaces. The S121A comes with a standard soft carrying case and strap so that it can be carried around the user’s neck or attached to a belt.

Rent S121A

The S121A Fusion Splicer handles only single-core optical fibers. The fiber is set in the holder, and the unit executes all operations from pre-processing to connection. An enlarged image is displayed on a 2.5-inch color LCD monitor to ensure stable, high-quality connections.

This product offers fully automatic splicing in only 13 seconds – all the user needs to do is set the fiber in the holder and press a button. Fiber type can be switched easily between single mode and multimode by selecting a pre-set splicing program.

The unit offers two power supplies: a removable, rechargeable battery, and an optional DC adaptor to allow AC power input. Furthermore, by attaching an optional sleeve heater or simple reinforcement tool to the back of the unit, connections can be strengthened using ULTRAsleeve. The S121A thus offers all the functions required to increase reliability and ease of connection operations.

The splicing offers very low loss -average 0.1 dB on single mode fibers.

Rent FiTel S121A


  • Compact, Light-Weight Body
  • Superb Portability
  • High-End Performance with Super Low Cost
  • Fiber Holder Design for Greater Ease and Consistenc
  • Clear View of the Spliced Fibers

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