Rent FiTel S-176 Fiber Fusion Splicer

Key Features

  • Core-Alignment
  • 3-body types to meet your specific ergonomic needs
  • World’s Fastest Splice Time – 11 seconds
  • Refined Splice Chamber design for easy fiber placement and protection from dirt and dust.
  • Short Cleave Lengths (5-16mm)
  • Fiber holder system available for 250/400/900um fibers, allowing greater precision and consistancy.

The S176CF is a compact, lightweight splicer with the monitor and keypad in front and the protection sleeve heater at the rear. The windshield opens rear-to-front for easy access to the heater. Either AC/DC converter or battery can be inserted into the main body and the detachable, wedge-shaped base tilts the splicer forward for comfortable access to the splice chamber.

Rent S-176

Super Fast Splice Time: 11 Seconds!
Fitel’s best selling S175 V.2000 fusion splicer provided an industry leading splice time of 17 seconds. Now, the S176 series completes the same process in a blindingly fast 11 SECONDS! Power up your production!!

Enhanced Automation
Just select the “Auto Start Mode” – a feature unique to Fite l- and the S176 initiates the splicing process automatically when the windshield is closed.

Need Specialty Fiber Splicing?
The S176 comes with 42 pre-installed splicing programs, providing optical component manufacturers with programs for specialty and dissimilar fiber splicving (CS980, EDF, NZDSF, etc.)

Need Short Cleave Lengths?
The S176 has ultra narrow v-groove blocks, which allows the user to utilize 5mm cleave lengths (only for 250um fiber), minimizing the length of bare fiber and allowing for the use of micro-protection sleeves.

Rent FiTel S-176

Ergonomic Design:
The S176 comes with a detatchable, wedge-shaped base that tilts the splicer forward for easy access to the splice chamber. It is designed specifically to reduce neck and back fatigue associaated with high frequency work. Also, the S176 offers “Reversible Operation”. The monitor of the splicer can be rotated up or down and the image flipped. This allows the operator to use the splicer from the front or back sides.

Short Cut Key:
You can program the Short Cut Key to call up any funstion in one step.

Protection Sleeve Heater:
The heater can accept micro-protection sleeves (20mm) along with conventional 40mm and 60mm sleeves. Also, you can order the unit without the heater. A cover plate replaces the heater, or an optional accessory can be fixed in its place.

Optional Fiber Holder System:
The fiber holders provide greater ease-of-use and consistency by allowing for precise positioning of the fiber durring stripping, cleaving, and splicing. You can order this feature pre-installation or as an aftermarket accessory.

Variety of Power Sources:
Either an AC/DC converter or battery can be inserted in the body without wiring. An external, large capacity battery is also available as well as a DC power adapter for car batteries and cigarette lighters.


  • Splicing Method: Core Alignment (Profile Alignment System)
  • Fiber Types: SM, MM, DS, NZ-DS, EDF, TW, LF, HI1060, etc. – single strand fiber
  • Average Loss: SM (0.02dB); MM (0.01dB); DS (0.04dB); TW (0.03); LF (0.03)
  • Coating Diameter: 170µm to 900µm
  • Cladding Diameter: 80µm to 200µm
  • Splice Time: 11 seconds in high speed mode; 13 seconds in normal mode (SM fiber)
  • Heat Shrink Time: 85 seconds for 60mm sleeves; 40 seconds for 20mm sleeves
  • Splice Inspection Parameters: Cleave Angle, Fiber End Gap, Core Eccentricity, Bubbling at Splice Point
  • Loss Estimation Parameters: Cleave Angle, Offset, Tilt, Micro-Bending
  • Sleeve Length: 20mm – 60mm
  • Splice Programs: 35 pre-installed, 29 programmable
  • Splice Memory: 2000 Splices
  • Splice Tension Test: 1.95N (200 grams)
  • Dimensions & Weight: 169 W x 202.5 D x 179.5 H (mm) [6.7” W x 8” D x 7.1”H] / 4.2kg
  • Monitor: 5” color, 264X magnification
  • Input:
  • AC Input: 100/120, 200/240V; 50/60Hz
  • DC Input: DC10-16.5V (CF/CR requires DC adapter for DC input)
  • Battery: 12V Ni-mH insertable battery pack for CF/CR type
  • Operating Temperature: -10o to 50oC (14 o to 122 o F)

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