Rent Corning Siecor CFS II Compact Fusion Splicer


Siecor CFS II

The Compact Fusion Set II incorporates the automatic features of fiber alignment with the splice quality and loss estimating features of the award winning manual splicer, the Compact Fusion Set. After preparing and clamping the fibers in the CFS II, the push of one button aligns and fuses the fibers. Two perpendicular views of the fibers are captured by a CCD camera and displayed at 100x magnification on a large 4-inch LCD. This digital image is analyzed for cleave quality and fiber alignment by a microprocessor which controls the positioning and fusion of the fibers. The image is then analyzed after the splice and an estimated loss is determined and displayed. The CFS II has a rubber base for added protection against minor bumps and scratches.

Rent CFS II Compact

Features of CFS II

  • For all common single-mode and multimode silica glass fibers.
  • Splice loss typically less than 0.05 dB for identical standard single-mode fibers and typically less than 0.02 dB for multimode fibers
  • Fast and fully automatic splice process with one button operation
  • Video image evaluation for fusion process control and splice loss estimation
  • Simultaneous fiber display on 4″ LCD color monitor in two views with magnification 25x and 100x

Rent Corning Siecor CFS II Compact

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